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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
He won't walk. Lifting is the only physical activity he has shown an interest in.

Also, I can't control his eating habits. I try to teach him, but his family lifestyle doesn't cooperate, nor will they bring in healthier foods. I help where I can.
To be honest if he will not increase his general physical activity or change his diet, then there is no hope for him.

It comes down to energy in vs energy out. To get bigger, you need to have energy in > energy out; to get smaller, energy in < energy out. A session of weight training might burn 200-300kcal, there are 4,000kcal in a pound of fat, so if he changes nothing he eats or anything else he does, it will take 16 workouts to lose 1lb, we're talking 4-8 weeks. And most likely he or his family would use the workouts as an excuse to eat more.

Whereas if you walk for an hour a day, that's another 200-300kcal out each and every day, and if you eat good food, you might have another 200-300kcal deficit there, too. I mean a Mars bar is 300kcal, large fries from McDs is 500kcal, so eating 200-300kcal less is not a big deal.

So overall about 500kcal a day, 3,500kcal a week, plus 2-4 workouts, well there we go, 1lb of fat lost each week.

Try to think of some strategies to encourage his walking, perhaps "you can work out with me, but only if you walk from home to my place," or something like that.

Strength is built in the gym, size at the dinner table. If he will not change his diet or general physical activity, the kid will be morbidly obese always. All you can do is try to make sure he's at least strong and morbidly obese.

For that, you can't get away from the basic movements, do a deep knee-bend, pick something heavy up off the floor and put something heavy overhead. Two cautions, however.

The first caution is that there is actually a chance that at his weight the kid will have high blood pressure, ensure you get a doctor's clearance before doing anything. Blood pressure spikes when we lift, if it's high already then it can be dangerous. There is also a chance he'll have type II diabetes on the way, this can lead to fainting and so on. So again, a doctor's clearance.

The second caution is that heavy people are going to have a hell of a time when they start squatting. Just think of it this way, at 300lbs the kid is at least 150lbs overweight for his height and age. Imagine a 13yo 150lb kid doing his first squats ever... with 150lbs on his back. Bad idea. So begin with a restricted range of motion, the first weeks will be progressing not in weight but range of motion.
  • The first "squats" should just be to sit down on and rise from a chair without using forward torso weight shift and his hands
  • once that is done with confidence and 20+ reps, move to a lower chair, aiming for 20+ good reps
  • next move to squatting down to a milk crate, again wanting 20+ good reps; at this stage you can introduce him to goblet squats
  • next add a dumbbell to his goblet squats
  • lastly, take away the milk crate, so he is squatting freely, he'll only fall over once
This process should take 4-12 weeks, you and he both need patience for it. However, because of his obesity good leg and postural muscle strength are vital to his quality of life, that weight will be dragging on him and will hurt his back in time to come.
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