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The ebook can be found at EFS, it wasn't as marketed as 5/3/1 so it is under the radar as of now i suppose. Essentially it is a 16 week program similar to 5/3/1 plus block periodization. Each month is a different wave starting with 10s and working down 8s, 5s, and then ending with 3s. Each week of the month is a different phase culminating in a mini peak on the 3rd week where you go for max reps. Each number you get over the standard is +5lbs on your training max. So at the end of the 10s wave, if I squat 225x20, my training max will go from 300 to 350. This is the program in a very small and vague nutshell.

Anyways, home from my first rugby practice. The club is in the off season still so we did conditioning in the form of 40 min of body weight exercises in a circuit with some rests whenever the coach felt like it. So i believe I will be using this as my conditioning since it is 2x a week and lift as normal. The season looks like it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun and I'm pretty excited to play. Will update the season in this log along with lifts.
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