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Default AdamF goes Juggernaut

So, I bought The Juggernaut Method by Chad Smith and fell in love with the program. Chad breaks down almost everything you would need to incorporate into a program to not only become strong, but athletic as well. I also like that this program uses a form of auto regulation to adjust working maxes after each wave.

So to kick this off, I have mostly everything laid out and will be starting on Sun or Mon depending on my schedule at Panera. Using a 4 day/week split.

Working Maxes:
Squat: 300
Bench: 200
Deadlift: 365
Mil Press: 155

Assistance work will be interesting. I chose option #5 which is using 5/3/1 for four assistance lifts. Chad recommends Deficit Deadlifts, Front Squat/SSB, weighted Chins/Rows, and Weighted Dips. I do not have a weight belt, nor do I chin/dip enough to use 5/3/1 for them so I am doing Rows and Incline Bench. I went light with the 1rms with these because they are assistance and I don't think I will be able to go balls out on eight lifts per week. Program is upper body lifts are to be done with AMRAP on last set, lower body lifts are just requisite 5/3/1 reps.

Working Maxes:
Deficit Deads: 295
Rows: 165
Incline Bench: 160
Front Squats: 205

So a weekly lay out will be something to the effect of:
Day 1: Squat,Deficit Deads, Lunges with KB's, Abs
Day 2: Mil Press, Incline Bench, Chins
Day 3: Deads, Front Squats, Abs
Day 4: Bench, Rows, Dips

I was going to incorporate some conditioning and jump work, however I was just invited to play on my schools rugby team, so I believe that will take care of conditioning for now. Lets do this
Goals for 12/31/11
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