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Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
Haha, yeh the extra height would be nice

AWESOME shouder work buddy... your pics are immense, id kill for your shape brother, honestly. I think a bit more size and a really good cut and you wouldnt be far off stage ready

Huge quads, tris, chest etc etc, very impressive buddy... How long ago did you sday you started lifting ???


I never lifted when I was younger. There was this one time that the older kids next door bet me I could not lift the barbell off the ground, which resulted in a hernia.

So, my 2-3 (now) years is really the last two years with any kind of consistency and a minimal understanding of what I was really doing in terms of exercise. I really hadn't read much about diet and calories, and I believed what I read in Men's Health and Men's Fitness. I mean, I thought just by going to the gym (3 times a week maybe) and using some machines and DBs I would get bigger.

When I first joined my gym several years ago (post 30), I would do the same three-four circuit machines and 6-8 minutes of cardio (for 30 minutes total) three times a week. I was really more focused on trying to not get "fat" after being so skinny and lean for so long. After 4 weeks or so of going and noticing my belly being flatter again, I would stop.

And, until I came online early last year, I never did any kind of squat-like exercise. The leg growth has all been since January 2010, when you guys talked me into at least trying the Hack Sled. I always felt like I had chicken legs (and I still do, especially my calves) but its good to get some positive feedback from people who pay attention to training and nutrition.

Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
Your thighs I'm most impressed with tho - HUGE down there.
The other bits are pretty well sculpted, but your thighs are oak trees man!
Thanks Ab. I think they look bigger than they are. I need to take a measurement.

Here is shot from April2007 at the beach (I was 34). As you can see: Notice love handles, belly fat, and lack of definition, I wasn't training very hard or very well or eating like I knew anything (because I didn't).
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