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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Hi Flow,

One thing I will say is that it took me quite a number of months to make the switch over to a fullbody. I ran splits for 2 decades and my body wasn't use to how taxing a fullbody workout was. The first month I ran one I wanted to quite and never do them again. Finally, now, after a few months in my strength is starting to get into a groove. I can't say this will happen for you, but I do think things will improve as your body adapts.

It might take months for your body to adapt to the specific demands of a fullbody. A few years ago I ran a rest-pause style training and had very slow gains for 3-4 weeks, and then my gains started to rocket.

I personally feel a rep increase per week is a good pace. In 3 weeks your bench went up 2 reps which I consider solid progress. I know it's not what you had hoped for, but I think it's good. Multiply that by 17 times (for a year) and that's 34 reps, which will equate to a 50-75 pound increase.

Another point I would like to make is that 2000 cals isn't much, so for you to make strength gains on an average of ~ 2500 cals per days during the week is good. Did you monitor what you were eating on the weekends at all? And how has your weight been on this eating approach?

All in all I think you're doing good. I will be curious how your body adapts in the coming 2 months.
Thank you very much for your fast repy!

Regarding the HLM training- Your points are valid but I train full body quite a while now. the first time i tried it more than 1 year ago,this was the time i reached 98,5kg but 23BF.
then i cutted down and played around with the whole body system but the template i listed above remained the same.
Sure the point with kcals is existing. As mentioned i cutted down to my current weight but lost mass and strength too,i think i was too fast regarding the reduction (i lost 16kg in 3 months).
Thats the caveat i have right now and i try going for recomp. thats why i have 2000 on non training days and 3000ckals on training weight stays stable now since one month or more.

Ok, so you think the slow progression (IME) is not because of too infrequent training or too less volume/intensity?

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