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Default PLEASE READ: Forum Rules

Thanks for stopping by the Muscle and Brawn Forums. The following is a list of rules that must be read by every forum member before posting.

If the rules are broken, ignorance is no excuse. Banning for rules violations will be immediate and irreversible.

This forum exists to help each other learn and grow.

1) RESPECT. Respect other members.

2) NO NAME CALLING. Name calling is not allowed. If you want to debate another poster, do so with information. Resorting to name calling is pointless, and helps no one.

3) PERSONAL ISSUES. If you have an issue with another member, or with a forum moderator, send them a private message. It is better to work out heated issues one on one. If you disagree with an action that a moderator has taken, DO NOT attack him on the boards. Again, work it out one on one.

4) VITAL MEMBERSHIP. If you are not here to contribute, you will be banned. What does this mean? If you are here only to promote your website, product, etc., and leave short, hit and run posts, but don't contribute in other areas…you will be bye bye.

5) SELF PROMOTION. Promote your blog, product, etc. But make sure you understand rule #4…you must also be a vital member. Do not make multiple threads spamming your goods/blog/whatever. You may also post your links in your signature.

6) CROSS POSTING. DO NOT post the same thread in different areas.

7) AVATARS. Avatars must be PG-13. No nudity, curse words, or other profanity. And please, no political or religious bashing avatars. You are free to have avatars that feature your political or religious interests, but ARE NOT free to have avatars that bash others or a group.

8) FLAMING. Please, no flaming. Save that for your blog or personal web space.

9) STEROIDS. Steroid discussions are welcome, but do not PM or ask other members about acquiring steroids. Just because someone has knowledge does not mean they use illegal drugs. You also can NOT post links to sites that claim to sell anything illegal.

10) NO PORN. No porn. No porn links. No porn advertisements. No nudity, and so hardcore sexual slang or talk.

11) ADVICE. Most posters are after advice. Do the best you can to help one another. Many members will post pictures or videos, asking for feedback. Choose your words carefully - make friends and not enemies.

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