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Default Gaining Mass on a College Budget

Alright, so I looked over previous threads, did some reading (finding I know less about weight-lifting/exercise/etc than I thought), and I still have a question-

I'm a college student with about $0 at any given time to spend on...anything. I have a meal plan at the school I attend, but I don't think I can really rely solely on eating 2-3 times a day? Even factoring the possibility of getting some protein powder or "mass gainer" (a choice I'm not 100% sure about either), I'm unsure about how to go about planning a college diet.

I have about 2 weeks left before classes begin to sort this stuff out!

So in short:

1.) How many times a day should I be eating? Is the 2-3hr rule vital?
2.) Will calories make up for the time loss if I can't do the 2-3hr thing (hypothetical)?
3.) Which (if any) of the protein things should I use, being a beginner?

Thanks a lot guys for your help! I really appreciate it! God bless-

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