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Originally Posted by TitanWIP View Post
If you're doing heavy compound lifts most of the week, you're abs will be strong and big enough, IMHO. You don't need to do much ab work.

How many bodybuilders you see doing rep work for abs. Does that really make the muscle bigger? I'm just asking, because I doubt it does. I think it's an ego issue and an obsession.
Gonna have to slightly disagree here. I've lifted as a powerlifter/olympic weightlifter most of my career and done very, very, very little extra ab work. This summer when I decided to "get cut up" I was down to about 8.5-9% bodyfat and still, only the top 4 abs were clearly defined and my lowers were just a faded outline.

Since then I've added the loaded workouts 2 days/week and even at 10+% at the moment, the top 4 are still visible (though not defined).

As for the bodybuilder comment, I know quite a few that do dedicated ab work. Of course it makes the muscle bigger. Are abs immune to the law of adaptation and hypertrophy?

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