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Default Cellucor New C4 Extreme

I would like to thank Cellucor for allowing me to be a beta tester for C4. This is my 1st Cellucor product ever used, so this will give me a first impression of the company, and from what I hear, I can expect good things.

-Just tried my first workout on it tonight, hit some chest with ~1.5 scoops of the C4 beta. Good workout overall, Great pumps.

Really enjoyed the fruit punch flavor, was easy to drink. 8.75/10

Mixed up very easily in just a plasmatic water bottle w/ shaking for 10-20 secs. No clumps at all. 10/10

Really good energy and focus, lasted a good hour and a half. Got awesome pumps. Really liking these Nitrate products. The pumps I had in my chest felt amazing. Had good endurance as well.

-So far C4 seems to be the real deal, great preworkout that tastes good. Looking forward to more workouts with Cellucors C4

I'll continue to update this review as I do workouts, listing details about the workout and how C4 is working overall for me.
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