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Default TB's LG's Rezolution Review!

LG Sciences Brings you REZOLUTION!
In Black Series Form!
Log it now!

[FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="purple"][B][I]Start Your New Year’s Rezolution Now!

You need to get in shape. You also need energy and stamina. You need a NEW Rezolution!

•You deserve the strongest, most potent fat burner on the planet!
•You deserve to look and feel your best!
•You deserve to have the body you want!
•You deserve a fat burner that makes you feel great!

You deserve Rezolution!

The Happy Diet Pill

Dieting sucks! The worst part about a diet is the miserable cravings and bad mood that you get when you go without food. These bad moods may be caused by the denial of DOPAMINE in your brain. Dopamine is a pleasure neurotransmitter that gets released every time you eat. This makes the sight or even thought of food make you go into a craving filled frenzy.

The ingredients in Rezolution not only give you potent stimulants that will get you cranked up with energy, but they also replace the "high" that you get from food with pure dopamine precursors. This boost will get you wired-up for 4-5 hours and keep your cravings and bad mood from becoming the reason you fall off of your diet.

Not only will you crave less food, but also, you will feel good while doing it. This is the most potent advancement to losing weight to date. The ability to eat less, yet still feel good!

Thermogenics Redefined

Rezolution isn't short on the energy either! It contains the most potent blend of fat burning stims on the market. You will ignite both your focus and your body's natural furnace, which will get your body's fat burning process going! The energy lasts for hours and you won't experience a massive crash like you do with other energy products.

This potent energy pill will have you feeling great and getting in shape faster than you ever thought possible. The key is Rezolution’s precise blend of energy ingredients, plus dopamine precursors, along with special herbs that increase the life of dopamine in your brain, will give you hours of pleasure filled energy without feeling miserable about your diet.

Every day starts a new year! You deserve to feel good while dieting, it’s time you started your Rezolution today!
Product Info

The Ingredients:

Stimulant Complex:
Caffeine Anhydrous – I don’t think we need to say much about caffeine. It is a potent stimulant and fat burner which can increase focus, thermogenesis and intensity.
Bitter Orange 20% Syneprine – Synephrine has gotten a bad rap recently, but this version of synephrine has a stronger “feel” than all previous synephrine products. Synephrine is the chemical cousin to ephedrine and is a potent stimulant.
1,3 dimethylamylamine – this extract from geraniums is a good stimulant that will help you feel great for hours. It helps pack the energy punch in Rezolution.
Dopamine Complex:
Psorlea Corylifolia – this herb helps block the re-uptake of dopamine in preliminary studies. This should prolong the “happy” feeling you get from Rezolution. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that control cravings, so an increase in this neurotransmitter will keep you feeling great.
Quince Fruit (Chaenomeles speciosca) – similar in activity to Psorlea, this herbal also blocks dopamine from being deactivated.
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine – a secondary precursor to dopamine, this amino acid will provide one of the natural boosts to your dopamine levels.
Mucuna Pruriens – this seed pod contains natural amounts of L-Dopa, which converts directly to dopamine in the body. This will be another source of fuel for the dopamine cascade.
5-HTP - another precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, 5-HTP helps you feel good by increasing natural serotonin levels in the brain.
Please use the format below for the application, and use the log format we have added into this with any additional info, the more the better!
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