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Well, from my other thread (need to make sure this is official, ya know)...

1.) Post here, and state the lift you want to improve, and if it's a PR or a workset number.

Bench Press. 1RM PR

2.)State your plan to accomplish this goal.

Since I've "plateaued" doing max effort reps, I'm going to switch it up and do some volume work for the first 4 weeks (repeated effort or just straight 4x15).

After that, Day 1 will be a linear progression dropping to reps of 5 for a couple weeks, 3 for a couple weeks, and finally heavy singles.

Day 2 will be speed day/dynamic effort utilizing bands and chains.

There's other strategery involved too, but no need to type it. You get the idea.

3.) State your target weight your aiming for.

Current "plateau" 1RM is 275. All-time 1RM PR is 290 at a bodyweight of 190. I'm currently 180 and debating dropping to 165 for the meet. Regardless of bodyweight, the goal is still a 1RM PR of 300.

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.

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