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Default Classic Physique - Muscle Building, Workouts and Information.

Welcome to,

Classic Physique - Muscle Building, Workouts and Information.

This is going to be the home of how to train in a "Classic Bodybuilder" style. In addition we would like to present information about the golden age, and why what was being done then, is still a viable way to train today. I would like to offer modern approaches while still retaining the classic aspect.

The years between 1940-1960 were generally considered to be the Golden Age of bodybuilding. There is some overlap both earlier, and a little later, but for the most part those twenty years are considered the heyday of Classic Golden Age Bodybuilding.

I am particularly interested in the drug free aspects of the golden age and how they trained. Looking back at this time, and reading the interviews of the athletes reveals that there was a lot going on in regards to various training appoaches, and diet. While there has been a huge amount of information learned over the years, we still have not been able to surpass at the natural level what was achieved by these Bodybuilders. In some ways, it is my opinion that we have actually discarded valuable training aspects, lableing them as, gimics, outdated, and a few other names.

The genetic elites of the time achieved muscle mass on par with what any natural Bodybuilder today is able to achieve. This is a point I would like to focus on. Where you see pictures of some of the Golden Age Bodybuidlers who were not mass monsters as compared to others, this is another aspect I would like to explore and talk about.

Bodybuilding today is all about the most mass you can pack on your frame, regardless if it really fits. While I'm sure that there are bodybuilders of the Golden Age who would also take that route had they been afforded the opportunity, there was also a greater emphasis on proportion, and symmetry.
Bodyfat levels were higher during contest than what we see today as well.

We will touch on a wide range of subjects. Hopefully you will find the information valuable, and will be able to make use of it in your own workout programs. Or challenge what you have come to believe is the best way to do something.

This is not a one way conversation. I want to encourage everybody to participate, and bring information to the table. What I will be bringing to the table is my own opinion on the subject. Some of this information will be nearly identical to the Challenge thread we have going right now. However I will pull some ideas from that thread, and expand on what has been touched on.

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Post content coming soon.

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