Formadrol Extreme XL by LG Sciences

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formadrolYour Testosterone levels are always under attack – by age, a prohormone or steroid cycle, medications and even the environment. Some of these factors even shut your production down completely, which makes losing fat and gaining muscle very difficult. So now, instead of being primed to build muscle and strength and feeling horny as a goat, you have Estrogen running around building fat, making you lose your hair and turning your motor off. Sometimes, your pituitary gets really confused and TURNS OFF Testosterone production COMPLETELY!

Formadrol Extreme ups your Testosterone levels, blocks Estrogen conversion and helps you create your own Testosterone, naturally. It’s the most powerful Anti-Estrogen, Pro-Testosterone Complex we could find. Formadrol Extreme combines three ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients absolutely obliterate it while increasing Testosterone at the same time.

We combine two aromatase inhibitors that attaches themselves to the Aromatase enzyme, deactivating it from converting testosterone to estrogen. Aromatase is the enzyme that your body uses to convert Testosterone to Estrogen. This important feedback also controls LH and gonadal testosterone release, which makes reducing it very important for recovery after a cycle of prohormones or for anyone that wants high natural testosterone levels.

We start by reducing the enzyme which causes Estrogen conversion, this blocks water weight, fat gains and other negative effects. So far so good. The second ingredient is a natural SERM that blocks Estrogen too AND increases Testosterone.

This same dynamite ingredient normalize your T-levels – which is particularly important if you’ve just finished a pro-hormone cycle that jacked up your Testosterone level.

Clinical studies show the main ingredients in Formadrol to inhibit estrogen at the same levels as prescription aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex(R), while the natural SERM is proved to act in a similar way to Nolvadex(R). These two ingredients coupled with the support nutrients block main excretion pathways and increase potency. Only this technology allows Formadrol to be orally active.

*** Purchase Formadrol Extreme XL Now ***

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