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Force of Green Labs Launches a Fresh, Innovative Line of Transdermals

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Force of Green Labs is relatively new company that offers a unique line of transdermal anti-aging, hGH promoting, fat loss, and muscle-building formulas.  The company uses a foam dispersion based carrier to deliver everything from amino acids, peptides, neurotransmitters, and hormonal products such as formestane, 7-oxo dhea, and adrenosterone.

“The problems with most of the topical formulations that I have used are that lotion or cream based topicals typically don’t apply very easily, take long to dry, and leave a weird residue on my skin long after application.

Some other carriers that are in a semi gel or liquid spray form tend to be very sloppy and run out of my hands before I can rub it on to the desired application site.  After experimenting with a few different carriers, I found the foam dispersion to be the best choice for Force of Green Labs’ needs.  The foam disperses easily and evenly, applies with a slight cooling sensation, and dries quickly without leaving any smell or residue.” –Kyle Petillo, Force of Green Labs President and Owner

Thus far, the feedback on FoG Labs flagship products (Total Force 1, Women’s Factor 1, and G-Force) have been really positive.  G-Force is a unique combination of amino acids, peptides, and neurotransmitters that increase and sustain a heightened level of hGH.  G-Force also offers superior anti-anxiety and mood enhancing effects similar to Valium or Librium.  Total Force 1 and Women’s Factor 1 are built on the foundation of G-Force. Total Force 1 offers additional ingredients such as methyl valerate, 99% transresveratrol, and indole-3-carbinol and provides the male user with excellent sleep quality and hormonal optimization for additional night-time recovery.  Women’s Factor 1 is tailored for females and contains a blend of ingredients that promotes a restful night’s sleep and hormonal optimization for women.

Force of Green Labs also offers TransForm (topical formestane), Metamorphosis (topical 7-oxo dhea), and has plans for many more innovative releases in the very near future.  This is a company to really look out for.  FoG Labs doesn’t hype their products, using images of bodybuilding ‘freaks’, promising results that just aren’t going to happen.  FoG Labs offers 100% money back guarantee on all products, so keep that in mind when dealing with this company that offers top notch customer service.

For more information on Force of Green Labs, please visit their website.

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