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Flash Point by iSatori


flash pointFlast Point™ Melt Tabs™ are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in fat-burning technology. How is that possible? After nine years of extensive research and development, collaborating with the leading minds in scientific delivery, iSatori Technologies introduces the first sublingual fat burner that’s as powerful as it is fast! Flash Point bypasses the stomach and dissolves under your tongue, to start working instantly. Within 33 seconds, to be exact. That’s FLASH POINT. Unlike any fat burner you’ve tried before!

The World’s First Sublingual Fat Burner:

  • Starts Burning Fat in Only 33 Seconds!
  • Mega-Potent Formula
  • Instant Thermogenic Intensity

What makes Flash Point so unique among fat burners?

Place our exclusive Flash Point Melt-Tab™ under your tongue, and you’ll quickly discover what makes it so different… as you begin to feel its powerful effects in just 33 seconds! Unlike pills, capsules, and even liquid caps, which all have to be broken down in the stomach and destroyed by the liver, taking up to 23 minutes before they start working… FLASH POINT melts in your mouth, on contact, releasing extremely potent fat-burning ingredients directly into your system. By dissolving in your mouth, FLASH POINT Melt-Tabs start working 7 times faster!

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