Female Bodybuilding Musclehead: Teresita Morales

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When you think of female bodybuilding muscleheads, you rarely think of women that look as stunning as Teresita Morales.

Teresita is 5’3″, and weighs 110 pounds. She is an attorney and a professional bodybuilding and figure champion.

“During law school at St. John’s University School of Law, I worked full time and attended law school at night,” says Terri, 37. “I also managed to hit the gym during law school as a stress reliever. I think this is when I began my routine of getting up at 4 in the morning, hitting the gym first and then going about the rest of my day. I still do that today.”

“Having my own law practice and competing can be quite challenging. Both professions require a lot of hard work and dedication. However, I do feel that each compliment and supplement the other. Having such a hectic schedule ensures, at least for me, that I utilize my time wisely.”



It wasn’t until Teresita was in her 30’s that she discovered bodybuilding. Someone at her gym recommended she enter a female bodybuilding competition. Since that time, she has won several major contests including 1st place in the Pro Miss Fit Body at the 2009 WNBF Pro American , 1st place in the Pro Miss Fit Body at the 2008 WNBF Pro Natural World Championships, and, the overall championships at the INBF Natural Hercules International Bodybuilding Championships.

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