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Exclusive: Ronnie Coleman Talks to Muscle and Brawn


Exclusive: 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman talks to Muscle and Brawn.

Ronnie Coleman talks about the possibility of a comeback, speaks about his lengthy layoffs from training, and reveals the possibility of a new supplement line.

Muscle and Brawn: Tell us about your comeback. Is it going better then expected, worse then you expected? And what do you say to the people that are counting you out?

Ronnie Coleman: I’m not even sure about a comeback, that’s something I’d love to do but don’t know if its possible. I would have to get in some tremendous shape for the Olympia stage. It’s very tough on an old man like myself. I’ll let them count me out all they want, just don’t try to take one of the 8 Sandows I’ve already won, then I would get highly upset.

Muscle and Brawn: Ronnie, you mentioned that you take several months off from training each year. Mentally, what is this like for you? Are you still hungry to hit the gym during this time off, or is a welcomed break?

Ronnie Coleman: I would love to train all the year round but I’ve convinced myself that this is really prolonging my bodybuilding career because I want to do this until the day I die – bodybuild, not compete.

Muscle and Brawn: How long do you plan on competing, and what are your plans post-retirement?

Ronnie Coleman: I have no idea of how long I’ll compete or if I’ll ever compete again. Post retirement I’d like to start my very own successful line of excellent supplements.

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