Essential FA by Scivation

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essential faScivation Essential FA: The SAFE and COMPLETE Essential Fatty Acid Formula You Need!

Your gains have been suffering. You will not get optimal results if you do not get what you need. You absolutely need fish oil containing the highest grades of DHA and EPA along with the fat-blasting fatty acid GLA and specific minerals for what your lean mass-seeking body needs. And that fish oil you are currently taking might be hurting you and the environment. If fished for in uncontrolled, dirty waters, who knows what contaminants and NASTY things you are ingesting? Scivation has the answer. An affordable, all in one fish oil and mineral formula designed just for you.

Fish Oil, while it might be tested for its omega 3 content, might have some contaminants since we don’t know where the fish are caught a lot of the time. Mercury, pollutants, gyno-inducing estrogens….all a possibility. Not with Scivation. Scivation’s source of Fish oil (from the waters of Peru) provides the highest potency and purity (mercury non-detectable) and ensures that the proper safeguards are taken to also protect the environment by working with ethical fishing organizations in South America. The General Law of Fishery regulates all fishing activities in Peru. Peruvian waters are monitored constantly by the Marine Institute of Peru (IMARPE) to ensure the presence of a healthy and growing ecological system and avoid contamination of the waters by enforcing adequate waste treatment for all fishing companies. Can other fish oil supplements guarantee this level of safety? Probably not.

Most also overlook the wonder fat, GLA. This is NEEDED in a bodybuilders diet. For goodness sake, it helps you lose fat! Scivation gets this from the highest quality, tested borage oil.

And the final piece of the Essentials puzzle, minerals. The Complete Essentials Blend is made for you with lean mass gains in mind. Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Vitamin E are all needed and if you do not have enough, you will be shortchanging yourself on fat loss and lean mass gains.

This is the formula that you need, period. And while helping to protect the environment, you will also be assuring the greatest gains of your life. Forget all of the bells and whistles mumbo jumbo. You will be amazed at what will happen with proper, untainted Essentials.

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