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Ernest Beath Talks To Silverback Barbell

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I want to introduce you all to a good buddy of mine and a powerhouse in the strength world. A true visionary and all around good guy, Ernest Beath, or Big E as I have grown to call him.

Whats even more funny is this guy can overhead press what most guys can’t flat bench! Where they do that at? In a GARAGE…thats where! Without further adieu…BIG E… ladies and gents…

…400+ overhead….SICK

Give the readers a bit of info about yourself my man! What are your measurements?

I stand at 6 foot 3 and weigh currently in the 380’s, but have been as much as 405.

What are your achievements to date/past?

I have close to 20 world records in the USAWA/IAWA. In my last strongman contest I won the overhead event with a press of 425lbs, and came in second place.

What strength sports do you compete? What records do you hold?

I compete in the USAWA/IAWA which is a take on old time strongman lifts, as well as the regular lifts. It is a drug free org. I also compete in strongman contests if something catches my eye.

Being a world record holder, do you ever wonder if someone is going topple it?

I cant say that thought crosses my mind a ton, however records are made to be broken.

What does your typical routine look like? How does your nutrition compare to other strength athletes?

My routines do change at times…however basically I do a lot of singles, and keep the reps low. I do a lot of overhead work, I do a lot of heavy back work, and pulling work.

I like to work partial lifts as I think they are key. I also like to do a lot of grip work…just keep it old school. My training days are not focused on body parts as many do, but certain lifts.

As far as my nutrition goes…I eat pretty much what I want. I don’t use any supplements at all either….I like to say my supplements are milk and double cheeseburgers…haha.

What is your opinion of strength sports today? Who did you look up to growing up?

There are some amazing people doing amazing things today in strength sports, however i am ultra fascinated with the old school guys…not only from 30-50 years ago, but guys from the early 1900s and before.

Any future comps on the horizon? Any sponsorships?

I actually have a contest coming up on the 6th of november in Boston. I am sponsored by House of Pain Ironwear.

Any advice to the rest of us mere mortals?

I would like to thank you Gabe for letting me do this interview. I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to do what I do. I would like to thank my wonderful family, including my beautiful wife Kristen.

If they need to find you, how can they? Anyone you want to give a shout out too?

My email is and my youtube account is PatrioticHighlander…be on the look out for my book coming out very soon! God Bless!

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