Elite Gourmet Whey Protein by Dymatize

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elite gourmet whey proteinDymatize Elite Gourmet Protein is designed to be the ultimate high performance muscle fuel with an Award Winning Taste! Elite Gourmet Whey Protein packs a massive 21g of protein per serving, mixes easily and has a fantastic amino acid profile.

Elite Gourmet Whey is a combination of Whey protein (Concentrate and Isolate) and a proprietary Milk protein matrix containing both Micelular Caseines and Caseinates. Each of these sources of protein has a perfect score on the PDCAAS* scale, the most advanced protein determination of quality method available. These perfect scoring proteins have been combined with a flavor and texture profile beyond belief and truly worthy of the “Gourmet” name.

*PDCAAS: the preferred and best method of protein quality evaluation according to the US FDA, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

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Dymatize Sucks
July 20, 2010 8:59 pm

Elite Vanilla is just rancid. Did Dymatize taste this train wreck. Gack! Definitely avoid Dymatize vanilla. The only way I can stomach it is in coffee.

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