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E-Bol by ThermoLife


e-bolE-BOL is intended for use by advanced bodybuilders, athletes and others seeking to enhance their physique and performance above and beyond what can be achieved through diet and training alone. The ingredients in E-BOL are entirely non-hormonal.

Your Success As A Bodybuilder Is Directly Related To “IT”

Without “IT”, Your Muscles Cannot Get Bigger Or Stronger.

Without “IT”, Your Muscles Cannot Get Bigger Or Stronger.

What Is “IT”?

“It” is adaptation. Adaptation isn’t simply required for your muscles to increase in size and strength; increases in size and strength are adaptations. Your body’s ability to adapt therefore directly impacts how successful you are as a bodybuilder. Maximize this ability or suffer the consequences including:

  • Sub-maximal strength
  • Sub-maximal size
  • Sub-maximal power
  • Sub-maximal endurance
  • Sub-maximal leanness
  • Etc.

From ThermoLife International comes a NEW category of bodybuilding supplements designed to maximize anabolic adaptations according to individual physiological need. The new E-BOL™ formula is the world’s first “Adaptogenic-Anabolic”. The ingredients in this long-awaited product are entirely non-hormonal and have been shown to be free of the undesirable side effects associated with the use of hormones and pro-hormones.

  • Contains the same turkesterone-rich Ajuga turkestanica extract. Studies suggest turkesterone’s extraordinarily potent and well-tolerated anabolic properties. The Ajuga extract in E-BOL has been standardized and its turkesterone content repeatedly verified by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using the industry’s only reported turkesterone standard – a standard developed and paid for by ThermoLife itself.†
  • Contains a carefully steamed root tissue extract of Panax ginseng standardized for what is to date the highest reported yield of the anabolic triterpene glycoside known as ginsenoside Rd. Besides its anabolic properties, users can expect to feel even more energy and focus from the new formula now that it contains this high-technology plant extract.†
  • Contains a Rhaponticum carthamoides extract standardized for a remarkable 95% ecdysterone. This plant, used for centuries in eastern Russia, is the only ecdysterone-rich species proven to be anabolic in scientific studies.†
  • Contains compounds exclusive to ThermoLife that help keep physiological systems operating at their highest possible levels by “auto-adjusting” to the user’s individual needs.†
  • Contains pharmacologically significant amounts of each ingredient in order to produce pharmacological effects – a trademark distinction of all ThermoLife products.†
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