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Dorian Yates Biography

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Dorian Yates Biography

Name. Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates


Date of Birth: April 19, 1962

Residence. England

Nickname. The Shadow

Height. 5’10”

Competition Weight. 265 Pounds

Dorian YatesContest History.

1997 Mr. Olympia 1st
1996 Grand Prix England 1st
1996 Grand Prix Germany 1st
1996 Grand Prix Spain 1st
1996 Mr. Olympia 1st
1995 Mr. Olympia 1st
1994 Mr. Olympia 1st
1994 Grand Prix England 1st
1994 Grand Prix Spain 1st
1994 Grand Prix Germany 1st
1993 Mr. Olympia 1st
1992 Grand Prix England
1992 Mr. Olympia 1st
1991 English Grand Prix 1st
1991 Mr. Olympia 2nd
1991 Night of Championships 1st
1990 Night of Champions 2nd
1988 British Championships 1st
1986 EFBB British HW 1st (in London)
1985 World Games 7th (London)
1985 Novice West Coast (England) 1st
1984 Mr. Birmingham novice 1st

Facts about Dorian Yates.

–Dorian Yates grew up on a farm, near Birningham, England.
–Dorian’s mother taught horseback riding
–Dorian’s sister, Lisa, loves horses as well. She once qualified for the England National Championships
–Dorian’s father died at the age of 42 from a heart attack. Dorian was 13 years old at the time.
–Growing up, Dorian did not compete in, or play any sports
–At the age of 16, Dorian got involved with a skinhead gang
–During this time, Dorian enjoyed the Clash, the Sex Pistols, and PIL
–One of Dorian’s first jobs was in a slaughterhouse
–At the age of 19, Dorian was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in a detention center
–During this time, Dorian began lifting
–At the age of 21, Dorian competed in his first contest
–In 1987, Dorian purchased the Temple Gym
–Dorian retired from bodybuilding in 1998
–Dorian’s nicknames include The Shadow, The British Bulldog and The Beast of Britain
–Dorian has been on several safaris

Dorian Yates Videos.

The Best of Dorian Yates

1993 Mr. Olympia

Dorian Yates Photo Shoot

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