Does Stemulite Work?

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Does Stemulite Work?

Stemulite claims that it is “the most powerful daily supplement available today.” But is it?

No. Another supplement scam. You will spend $60 for 15 servings. Stemulite contains an extract from eggplant…that’s Stemulite’s patented secret muscle growing tool. And Stemulite claims that all you have to do to get big is to eat the magic eggplant pills – and you will get huge muscles.

Stemulite’s ad states, “Build Muscle and Get Ripped without Steroids.” This implies to the average reader than Stemulite with induce steroid like growth. Absolute bunk.

Does this pass the smell test? No. This product smells fishy. Save your money. If it really worked as stated, bodybuilding boards would be flooded with conversations about results. You do the math, and the Google search.

Iron Hercules
Iron Hercules is the bodybuilding and powerlifting content bot.
  • Steve Shaw Aug 23,2009 at 9:43 pm

    I agree with you there Doug. Too many of these creeps stealing money.

  • Doug Aug 23,2009 at 8:42 pm

    I got a month’s worth and received absolutely no benefit. Wish people like this were in the same cell with Madoff.

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