Detour Supplement Reviews

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Detour Supplement Reviews

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Detour is owned and manufactured by Forward Foods, LLC, which produces and markets high protein, energy and snack bars. Detour was launched in October, 2002, with the goal of revolutionizing the world of high-protein snack bars. We’ve done it by packaging the amazing nutritional advantages of whey protein with the universal, taste appeal of a candy bar. Today Detour is a $50MM retail brand and is leading the high protein market in health and fitness stores nationwide.

With the introduction of Detour Activity Bars in July, 2007, Detour is again leading the industry in a bold new direction. Our Activity Bar line simplifies the bar selection process, making it easier for you to grab and go with confidence. Whether you’re a runner, you’re focused on strength training, or you’re into biking, we’ve got a mouth-watering, purposeful snack just for you.

Detour. Energy for What You Do!

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