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DecaVol UTT by Advanced Muscle Science


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Decavol-utt Anabolic SolutionAs Advanced Muscle Science continues to develop and launch the best workout supplements possible, they are now offering Decavol in their new Liquid UTT formula found in 1-Androsterone, 4-AD and Arom-X UTT. The UTT (under the tongue) delivery system offers a more efficient dose of the active compound and elevates blood plasma levels faster than the previous products. Your most prized assets are now liquid!

Decavol UTT: Experience the same gains as you did with Decavol plus these benefits:

  • Don’t digest your prohormones. Absorb them!
  • 100% bioavailability makes them far superior to the 15% conversion of encapsulated prohormones based on the 1,4 andro studies.
  • Ultra efficient UTT delivery system
  • Completely avoid liver first pass
  • Reach blood plasma levels sooner
  • Utilize alternate bio-pathway for maximum multi-supplement stacking

Liquid prohormones have an advantage over their encapsulated cousins due to their unique under-the-tongue (UTT) delivery system – brought to you by Advanced Muscle Science.

Decavol UTT (NorAndrostene-3b-ol, 17-one suspension), contains 12 mg per 1 ml of Decavol dissolved into a unique oral delivery called a nanocarrier. The specific nanocarrier used for DEcavol is known as a Liposome. Liposomes are such a unique delivery system because they encapsulate the active molecular compound in a way that prolongs residence in the bloodstream, enhances intracellular penetration and preserves the active molecule until it reaches its desired location in the body.

Just like similar molecules, Decavol has a half life. When taken in pill form, you rely on the body to break the pill down then the molecule, resulting in wasted time and causing excess stress on the liver and other organs (Decavol UTT avoids the first pass through the liver entirely). This often results in only 15% of the molecule being delivered in the first hour. So for you to achieve sufficient blood levels of the molecule in pill form you must take 60 mg (12 mg the first hour) 2 times a day. However Decavol UTT is fully dissolved in the Liposomal liquid solution, the full dose of 12 mg can be delivered in 1 hour (as compared to 60 mg with pills), reaching blood plasma levels sooner.

  • Avoid first pass through the liver – maximizing the anabolic efficiency
  • Reach desired anabolic blood plasma levels faster with five times the efficiency
  • Anabolic Liposomal liquid solution spikes blood plasma levels faster and five times as efficient as standard oral capsules and tablets.

Decavol UTT is the perfect anabolic to stack with 4-AD UTT and Arom-X UTT or on its own for mass and strength results.

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