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Deadlift Slump Busters

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Looking to break out of a funk with your deadlifting? Try the following deadlift workouts using rest-paused single reps.

30@70. 30 singles @ 70% of your 1RM

20@75. 20 singles @ 75% of your 1RM

15@80. 20 singles @ 80% of your 1RM

10@85. 10 singles @ 85% of your 1RM

Iron Hercules
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  • Mick Madden Aug 29,2010 at 5:45 pm

    Hi Matt,

    It’s not necessarily a progression, but could be used as such.

    As for rest-pause, you rest until you feel ready for another rep, so anywhere from about 10 seconds to 60 seconds between reps. Early on you will feel very good, and the rest periods will generally be shorter.

  • Matt Aug 29,2010 at 5:32 pm

    I have a question about the deadlift slump buster, is this like a progression (week 1-30×70%, week 2-20×75%, etc.) and when you say rest pause single reps, you mean do one rep, get set up , do one more til you react the goal # of reps? (like maybe 15s rest between sets)?

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