Deadlift Questions, Part 2


Bulky72…How many bodybuilders use deadlifting in their lifting routines? In my gym, I see very few, if any guys using the deadlift.

Muscle and Brawn…The deadlift is not a popular lift for casual bodybuilders and weight lifters. There were many, many years where the deadlift was all but absent from bodybuilding magazines. Most casual lifters get their lifting info from magazines, and when they don’t see deadlifts in routines, they never think about performing them.

But the deadlift is making a comeback. It is a very hot discussion topic in lifting forums. Most lifters believe it is a crucial tool to have in your bodybuilding toolbox, but some guys still believe that the deadlift isn’t necessary for bodybuilders.

My stance is this…if you can deadlift, you should deadlift.  It’s Ok to rotate exercises, and deadlift only once every couple of weeks. But if you avoid deadlifting, you are only cheating yourself. Strength adds muscle, and deadlifting adds strength.

YW33…OK, answer this. Is my deadlift a good number? I am a teenager, and I think my deadlift max is about 450-480 pounds. I am 16 years old, and weigh 168. Is this a good deadlift for me?

Muscle and Brawn…Those are awesome deadlift numbers! Anytime you’re capable of deadlifting more then twice your weight, you are doing great. You’re almost at three times your bodyweight. I hope you consider competing.

Farley…When I deadlift, all that is sore the next day is my lower back. Why isn’t my upper back getting sore? I am 15 years old, and using under one hundred pounds when I deadlift. I need some help!

Muscle and Brawn…Your problem is setup. Most likely you are starting the lift with your feet not deep enough under the bar. This turns the deadlift into more of a stiff leg deadlift, and it will work your lower back more then anything. Please read the setup advice I gave to Death Magnetic.

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