Deadlift Questions, Part 1


DizzyRat…What rep and set scheme should I use for deadlifts? I want to do compound lifts, but deadlifts are a real pain in the ass.

Muscle and Brawn…Deadlifts can be a real pain, but they are one of the best anabolic lifts for natural lifters. I give you credit for wanting to do them, even though you dislike them.

I do not recommend performing moderate to high rep sets of deadlifts. After several reps, your deadlifting form tends to go to hell. And this can cause all sorts of aches, strains and pains. Try performing a set of 10 singles, and stand up and rest between each rep for approximately 10-15 deep breaths. This will allow you to “reset” and regain your strength. Your form will be better too.

Also, don’t feel like you need to do “more” when it comes to deadlifting. 10 rest-paused reps is enough.

Lastly, cycle your deadlifting weight between heavy, moderate and light weeks. Do 10 heavy rest paused reps one week, then 10 moderate reps 9with 30 fewer pounds) the next week. On the third week, have a light day where you perform 15 rest-paused reps with 60 fewer pounds then on your heavy day.

Death_Magnetic…I’ve been deadlifting for several years now, training for powerlifting, and I don’t feel like my form is that good. Is there any advice you have to help me perform the lift more consistently?

Muscle and Brawn…there is actually a simple trick for deadlift setup. It will give you consistent lifts.

First, make sure you align your feet so that the bar is directly over the center of each foot. You may need someone to help you with this initially. Second, keeping your hips up, and your knees slightly bent, grab the bar. Next, sit you butt down until your shins touch the bar. Lastly, thrust your chest forward and look slightly up, then lift.

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