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Dave Tate

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Dave Tate is the founder and CEO of Elite Fitness Systems. Dave has been involved with powerlifting for nearly 25 years. He is an elite lifter in three weight classes, and his best lifts are a 935 squat, 740 deadlift, a 610 bench, and a 2,205 total.

In addition to his platform numbers, Dave Tate has totaled over 10,000 hours as a personal trainer and strength consultant, and has written over 100 articles for T-Nation, Powerlifting USA, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. For more on Dave Tate, check out his log.

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  • Theo Oct 6,2011 at 9:28 pm

    Great to have found Dave Tate. I learned a lot already! As a 50 years old former powerlifter who is a bid coming back I know he tell the truth. And the most important thing is Powerlifting is the truth! It’s much more effective why of building mass than doing all those years these exercises for the biceps triceps shoulders and so on. Most people who do that hardly make any progression over the years. So Powerlifting is the truth! Keep up the good work Dave!

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