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Dark Matter by MHP

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dark matterDon’t waste another workout! If you want to start gaining serious size, chug down some Dark Matter and introduce your muscles to a new frontier of muscle growth as you enter the Anabolic Axis. The biggest chance to stimulate muscle growth is directly after your workout. The faster you can get important nutrients into your bloodstream and muscles, the better. Dark Matter harnesses new technologies and compounds which permit for the fastest possible nutrient uptake and sparks a synergistic anabolic reaction in which insulin levels simultaneously peak with amino acid, creatine and glycogen transport at the Anabolic Axis to activeate extreme muscle growth and speed recovery.

  • Absorbs Quicker Than Whey Isolate
  • 600% Increase in Protein Synthesis-Equal to 40 Grams of Protein
  • Drastically Spikes Insulin with WaxiMAX-C3G™
  • Multi-Phase HydroSIZE™ Creatine Transport
  • Restocks Glycogen and Increases Cell Volume

ProSYNTHAGEN™: Increases Protein Synthesis Faster Than Whey

ProSynthagen’s unique mixture of essential free form amino acids greatly stimulates protein synthesis quicker than whey isolate. ProSynthagen isn’t just quick, it’s potent too- every serving stimulates protein synthesis equivalent to 40 grams of protein. Additionally, ProSynthagen’s amino acid matrix is fine-tuned with “Dual Portal Transport” for even faster and greater intestinal uptake by combining these powerful free form aminos with Leucrose™, a proprietary newly developed leucine-alanine dipeptide. Leucrose™ also increases anabolic activity by regulating protein synthesis and sparing vital Branched Chain Amino Acids. These unique attributes give ProSynthagen a much greater Protein Synthesis Score than any other protein source, which will result in the greatest muscle building effects.

WaxiMAX™-C3G: Drastically Spikes Insulin and Restocks Glycogen!

WaxiMAX-C3G is a tri-polymer carbohydrate matrix made up of low viscosity, high molecular weight, osmotic waxy maize starch, Maltoplex-18 glucose polymer and dextrose. This matrix permits for fast gastric emptying, a brief powerful insulin spike and maximum glycogen replenishment. WaxiMax-C3G’s tri-polymer matrix was developed to deliver the precise infusion to illicit the best insulin response to open the anabolic window faster and keep it open longer. Remarkably, this tri-polymer greatly increases insulin levels with only 10 grams of sugar- a huge advantage over most creatine products and post workout formulas. And to make things even better and more anabolic, DARK MATTER has a patented concentrated source of C3G (cyanidin-3-glucoside), which improves insulin sensitivity for boosted nutrient transport, protein synthesis, creatine/nutrient uptake and glycogen replenishment.

HydroSIZE™: Multi-phase Creatine Transport & Cell Volumizing Matrix

To complete the anabolic infusion, MHP’s research team developed HydroSIZE, which is a multi-source creatine/glycerol complex for the greatest muscle volumizing and bioenergetic creatine loading into muscle tissue. This complex provides an optimal amount of creatine in the form of Creatine Pyruvate and Creatine Gluconate to quickly be transported in tandem with peak insulin levels, amino acids and glycogen at the Anabolic Axis. The inclusion of MicroTein, a microencapsulated sustained release creatine provides a continuous supply of creatine for maximum creatine saturation and cell volumizing.

High Velocity Nano-Physics: New Technology for Rapid Absorption & Bio Availability

The last step in taking post-workout supplementation into a new anabolic dimension was the creation of a new type of nano-technology, called High Velocity Nano-Physics. This technology is based on high velocity particle physics collision of nano-fusible compatible materials. High Velocity Nano-Physics allocates for maximum speed, bio-effectiveness and micro-nutrient timing to open the Anabolic window quickly and create a synergistic delivery of ProSynthagen, WaxiMax-C3G and HydroSIZE to concurrently peak at the “Anabolic Axis.”

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