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Monster Pump is an all new pre-workout supplement from CytoSport, and the latest addition to CytoSport’s “Monster” family. This product is brand new, only just hitting the shelves last week. There are no reviews around online yet, so I thought I’d take a look at the new Monster Pump’s ingredients and give you my take on this new pre-workout supplement!

The first thing I noticed when looking at the Monster Pump label is that CytoSport have put carbohydrates (Waxy maize Starch) in a NO2 pre-workout product. Typically, pre-workout supplements contain NO2 promoting ingredients, stimulants and sometimes vitamins and aminos. This is a step in the right direction as the carbohydrates will help fuel muscles and replace lost glycogen while you train. I’m actually surprised that other companies have not gone this route.

Secondly, Monster Pump is high in BCAAs and Glutamine. This is no doubt that BCAAs play a huge role in muscle growth, as they’re the building blocks of protein, which is the essential foundation for lean muscle growth. Glutamine has been proven to help post workout recovery and reduce muscle catabolism (breakdown).

The stimulants, nothing special here. 200mg of caffeine is supplied per serving, which is considered the “normal” amount for pre-workout supplements. How much the caffeine effects you will depend on your sensitivity to stimulants. A heavy coffee drinker might need to take extra, which someone who has never sampled the dark brew might find that one scoop is plenty. As with all supplements that contain stimulants, make sure you assess your tolerance.

So how about the taste? Monster Pump has been released in 4 flavors. Sour Grape, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry and Orange. I tried two of these flavors, sour grape and blue raspberry. Both mixed easily in a shake with about half a dozen shakes with 10oz of water (I like them thick!). Sour grape was, well, sour. I did not like the taste at all, and I think if I had a whole tub of this there’s no way I’d make it through it. Blue Raspberry on the other hand tasted great. One thing you’ll notice if you try Monster Pump is that it will make you feel “fuller” than other pre-workout supplements. This is due to the carbohydrate content I’m guessing. I think if you mix it with a lot of water you might feel bloated while you train. My recommendation is to mix it with a smaller amount of water, and drink it about 30 mins pre workout.

Overall, I like it. I like it because it’s different, and in my honest opinion, better than a lot of pre-workout powders. The added carbohydrates is a real step in the right direction. Caffeine is great for energy and focus, and NO2 increasing compounds like arginine are also great, but carbohydrates are the #1 source of fuel for the body and I think adding carbohydrates to a pre workout formula like Monster Pump will really get great results. I think we’re going to be seeing some good reviews and reports from Monster Pump around the web in coming months.

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  • John L Nov 22,2010 at 8:53 pm

    They need Monster without caffiene. Caffiene is one of the worst things to put into your body. Might as well make Monster Pump cigarettes as well. I am sick of the stimulants being put into products that are for workouts. Most health nuts do NOT want impure $hit going into our bodies. Cmon guys make a caffiene free version!

  • Mick Madden Nov 18,2010 at 8:58 pm

    Hi Suran,

    Mix 1 scoop (40g) of Monster Pump into 16 ounces of water and mix. Take 30 minutes prior to lifting.

  • suran Nov 18,2010 at 6:58 pm

    I just baught a monster pump my gym gide recommended me to take this.I hope it will work.

  • Tanner Ross Aug 31,2010 at 5:30 am

    Just ordered me a tub of Monster Pump, hopefully it works for me. I have tried several different ones so far: Muscleprime, 1MR, N.O Xplode, Juggernaut, and yet none of these except for Muscleprime actually had an effect on me. The first day I took 1MR I took two scoops and slightly overdosed (vision all blurry) but since then, was taking a scoop and a half 30minutes before working out, no effects what so ever. Normally went to the gym at around 6pm, and the last time I ate was at lunch time (12:30ish)

    So I am hoping I can get the energy I need from this stuff. Starting to fall asleep after a days work at the gym sometimes now 😉

  • Leif Skierski Jan 7,2010 at 6:07 pm

    Hey I like the facts stated here…I have actually just started taking Monster Pump…I use to take Nano Vapor for a pre workout…I love how Nano Vapor pumps you up and helps the workout…However it was so intense it always made me sick to my stomache and sometimes interfered with my workout…I have taken Monster Pump about 8 times already and not once has my stomache felt queezy…It does tend to make you feel somewhat full but its nothing that will bother your workout…I strongly reccommend Monster Pump to anybody who love a good rush to get you pumped for your workout!

  • Tim Dec 22,2009 at 10:47 pm

    I’ve use other pre-mixed bottled NO Boosters before such as Endo Rush and this is the first product I have noticed a significant, long term effect.
    I am a skeptic, so it’s not just in my head.
    I usually have to take a good half hour to warm up to get into my heavy weight routines. This has shortened that and I don’t want to quit after I felt like I’ve done enough. I did legs today and after my leg presses and squats, i still had the energy and hit the Leg Curl Machine for 2 heavy sets. That’s not typical for me since I’m not much of a heavy lifter anymore. I work out for 2 hours a day and have plenty of energy left to not skip out my cardio to finish.

  • T Dubb Dec 16,2009 at 10:35 pm

    My brother has been taking Monster Pump for about two months and swears by it. I have heard with most pre-workout supplements you tend to plateau, requiring a higher dose after about two weeks of use. My brother said he has not ran into a plateau with this Monster Pump. And I know from working out with him that he tends to lift fairly heavy (example: bench press – 5 sets of 8 reps with 325pds). Now, I have taken Monster Pump for the first time yeaterday. This is my take… The muscle recovery, muscle pump and energy levels are definitely great! I was able to increase my reps since I never really ran into that burn. I too lift heavy as well (same weight) and was able to do so without getting tight at all. On the other hand, I did feel bloated, which was very uncomfortable for the first 30 minutes of my workout. I will try to use less water (10oz) next time, as suggested by the writer of this article. All in all, this stuff works and it taste surprisingly good. I used the Blue Rasberry.

  • J-Man Jul 26,2009 at 5:15 pm

    Great review, i really enjoyed reading it!!! and i have tried this pre- workout, and it is great. out of all they ones i have tried, i have to say Monster Pump is by far the best.

  • DJ Future Jul 1,2009 at 2:57 pm

    hm…I’ve taken the monster milk and was very satisfied with both the taste and the affectiveness, for my pre-work out I’ve been taking NO Xplode but was considering this since it is cheaper. I’m just not sure I want something that will “fill me up” a little bit before a workout

  • Alecia Jun 16,2009 at 8:10 pm

    Enjoyed reading this! I noticed the new “Monster” family in stores a few days ago, and was wondering what people have had to say about them. I’ll have to pass the feedback along!

  • Steve Shaw Jun 16,2009 at 4:03 pm

    Great review! Thanks.

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