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Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series by MuscleTech


pro series cell tech hardcoreIn the 21st era of technology, even with all the advanced machines known to man, your body is arguably the most complex. But in all its complexity, it does everything to remain in a seemingly simple state of homeostasis – essentially, vital equilibrium. Thousands of years of Darwinian evolution have taught your body to plateau muscle growth once it reaches a certain level. However, deep within your physiological profile, your body is hardwired to respond to extreme stimulus – the most grueling of workouts, steadfast dieting and extreme supplementation! That means extreme dosages of musclebuilding agents, such as a 10,000 mg blend of creatine (yes, you read that correctly, 10 grams), plus a massive 75 grams of insulin-potentiating dextrose and 200 mg of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid). The only place you’ll find this scientifically verified combination of ingredients is in the most powerful creatine musclebuilder Team MuscleTech has to offer – new Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series.

Team MuscleTech researchers, the world’s premier supplement R&D gurus, took everything they knew about creatine, fused it with recent technological innovations and developed a scientifically advanced formula. Let’s dissect Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series – an advanced creatine supplement.

The New Cell-Tech Pro Series Features:

  • 100% more creatine than other leading creatine products.
  • 10,000 mg (THAT’S RIGHT, 10 GRAMS!) creatine blend powered by a lab-tested, HPLC-certified mega dose of the most scientifically validated form of creatine. HPLC is a biochemical, analytical method used in lab testing to identify components of a compound and test for purity.
  • 75 g OF HPLC-CERTIFIED DEXTROSE: perfect for driving creatine into muscles.
  • MICRO-DIFFUSE TECHNOLOGY for ultra-small, micron-sized particles of a powerful, research-proven key driver.
  • 7 new proprietary blends: CreaMax, InsuloDrive, Lipoic-Tech and Osmodrol, which includes SyntheCell, Cell-Vol and ChainFX – create a truly advanced, one-of-a-kind musclebuilding creatine formula.
  • 200 mg of ALA: a key component of the scientifically validated and exclusively patented core formula.
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