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The Close Grip Bench Press Mistake You’re Probably Making

Many of you are performing close grip bench presses wrong. Heck of a way to start an article, I know, but hear me out. Most of us learned how to perform the close grip bench press from reading muscle building…


Comparing Stiff Leg Deadlifts And Romanian Deadlifts

Did you know that stiff leg deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts are two different exercises? These deadlift variations are often seen as the same lift, but they are not. There are minor, but important differences regarding how each variation is performed….


Comparing Sumo And Conventional Deadlifts

The following is a comparison between sumo deadlifts and conventional deadlifts. Also included at the end of this guide is a chart that will help you determine which deadlifting style is right for you. Deadlift – Muscle Emphasis Conventional deadlift….

Partial Reps – Partial Repetitions

Partial Reps – Partial Repetitions. What are partial reps? Partial reps are repetitions performed over a portion of the full range of movement for an exercise, instead of over the entire range of motion. Partial reps can be performed anywhere…

Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions

Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions. What is a negative rep? Each bodybuilding exercise has 2 phases; the eccentric and concentric phase. The actual rep itself – or the act of exertion required to push or pull a weight – is…