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Arnold Bench Dips

Aerobic and Resistance Exercises: Can They Work Together?

Various Authors

When training to build muscle, many of us laugh in the face of cardio exercise. When you’re trying to build up muscle mass, doing any kind of cardiovascular exercise will do nothing but slow down your progress, ruining the weight…


3 Novice Weight Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Various Authors

By Kuytrider from the Muscle and Brawn forum. As this article doesn’t have a fancy title such as ‘6 weeks to huge arms’ or ‘12 weeks to being ripped’, it probably won’t generate as much interest as much of the…

How to Stop Heel Pain from Affecting your Game on the Field or in the Gym

Various Authors

A number of different problems can affect your game on the field, but few are quite as frustrating as heel pain. As athletes on the field and in the gym, we rely on the strength and resilience of our legs…

How To Gain Weight: 5 Simple Steps

Various Authors

Gaining weight is often a misunderstood concept in bodybuilding circles, with the majority of newcomers assuming ‘weight gain’ simply means adding pounds onto the scale. The truth is, gaining high-quality weight means adding lean muscle tissue with as little fat as possible, a feat that is often easier said than done.


How to Get A Six Pack — a Simple 3 Step Plan

Various Authors

Ah yes, the much longed-for six pack. We are bombarded with images of it in almost every movie, every magazine and every TV show we see. People put them on their Facebook profile, and spend thousands of dollars on crazy…


Are You a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Lifter?

The following are general guidelines, and not carved in stone rules. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter? This is a commonly asked question. The reality is this…if you have to ask, then there’s a good chance you are…


How To Build A Dragging Sled

Sled dragging is great GPP/Cardio. Given the choice between running for hours on end or running in short bursts dragging a weight, I know which I’d rather do. Problem is that sleds are expensive and in short supply in the…