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A Straightforward Gaining Program

Muscle and Brawn Authors

A Straightforward Gaining Program by Michael Caravalho The quest for ultimate muscularity is achieved by a combination of various routines throughout the span of many years. NO ONE program will produce the finished product. Simple, but hard-worked programs, are one…

My Experience With Weight Gain

My Experience With Weight Gain by Anthony Ditillo Since I first began writing these articles, I have always wanted to write one up on gaining weight. To me, gaining weight is a relatively simple matter. You merely ingest more nutrients…

Powerlifting: How It All Started

Muscle and Brawn Authors

Powerlifting: How It All Started by Peary Rader (1983) Part One There has been a great deal of confusion relating to this sport of powerlifting. The conflict which has enveloped it in recent years hasn’t helped to clarify it very…

Understanding Progression: Weight and Intensity

Mick Madden

More! More! More! Do more! How many times have you read that in an article, or on a forum post? Progression is king, but what exactly is progression? Is it good enough to simply add more weight each time you…

Classic Bodybuilder Jack Delinger

Classic Bodybuilder Jack Delinger Jack Delinger Height: 5’6″ Competitions Mr. America 1949 Mr. Universe 1956

Classic Bodybuilder Bud Counts

Classic Bodybuilder Bud Counts Bud Counts Height: 5’8″

Classic Bodybuilder John Corvello

Classic Bodybuilder John Corvello John Corvello Competition Mr. California 1965