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Ernest Beath Talks To Silverback Barbell

I want to introduce you all to a good buddy of mine and a powerhouse in the strength world. A true visionary and all around good guy, Ernest Beath, or Big E as I have grown to call him. Whats…


How To Make A Ghetto Foam Roller

A while back I made myself a new foam roller out of drain pipe. I took some photos to make a “how-to” guide. “Photo one shows everything that you will need: – A length of drainage pipe (this one is…


How To Get Strong Part 2: Make Savage The Body

Part 2 of my beginners guide to becoming strong. Before releasing part 3 on how to build a foundation, you must first understand the key concepts of a proper training cycle in order to make it work effectively and efficiently….

Stretching and Strength! The Real Reasons Heavy Lifters Can’t Stretch

After reading Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Relax into the Stretch” I have gained serious insight on what really causes the muscle stiffness, lack of mobility and inability to stretch past our comfort zones; which is most common with Strongmen/(women), Powerlifters and Olympic…

How I Decided to Become a Strongman

Yesterday I attended an event that solidified my ultimate goal in strength training, the Colorado State Fair’s Strongman Competition, presented by the Colorado Strongman Association. This was my first live witnessing of strongman and I must say that it was…

My Beginnings by Paul Anderson

Muscle and Brawn Authors

When I was in college, all of the football players lived together in one large athletic dorm called McGee Hall, on the old Furman University  campus. As strange as it may seem there were no coaches or any other adults…

Bob Peoples – World’s Greatest Deadlifter

Muscle and Brawn Authors

There has been quite a bit of controversy as to whether or not power lifting competitions should be held and who should govern these lifts. I served on the first committee for power lifting appointed by Mr. David A. Matlin,…