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How To Test Your Bench Press One Rep Max


The following article will outline a method of testing your bench press one rep max. Please use the following guidelines to help determine which progression scheme you should use.

  • Novice. You don’t recall the last time you tried to bench
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Strength Training

Average Guy to Powerlifter: My First 2 Years


This article was written by MikeM from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

I don’t know about you, but I cruise the web and often find myself gravitating to articles written by beginning powerlifters as I like to see what other lifters like me are doing… Read more

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Cube Method For Strongman Review


This review is by Jwood from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

The Cube Method for Strongman is a training manual written by multiple World’s Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen. The book lays out the workout program, including conditioning… Read more

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Meat And Potatoes Training – An Effective Method Of Designing Your Workouts


This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

I have trained all my life in some form or fashion and have tried everything, from Cybergenics to EDT. Through experimentation I have found some simple ways to design your… Read more

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Interview with Squat Monster Joe Norman


Please check out these great books by Joe Norman:

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Strength Training

Making the Change: Narrow Stance to Wide Stance Squats


Since Chuck Vogelpohl from Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell started smashing world records using a wide stance, many have tried to emulate his super wide foot spacing and shortened range of motion, but only a few have succeeded. Now … Read more

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Strength Training

Gilgamesh Grinding Against The Grain: Back to Strength Training Basics


Chapter 1: Back to basics and the bottom line

After working a year in the corporate realm and figuring out ways to put my business degree to work, I decided to apply it to my training. A big part of the corporate realm is cutting the bulk and getting… Read more

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