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Holidays And Broken Promises

Mike Gossett

I know I’m sounding a bit pessimistic, but let’s be honest…it’s an American tradition to make and break New Year’s resolutions. Sure, some people keep them, but the vast majority will have long forgotten their goals by February 1st. Most…

Are Prohormones Worse Than Steroids?

Mick Madden

Are Prohormones Worse Than Steroids? Are prohormones worse than steroids? For the most part, yes. But before we explore the reasons, let’s get something out of the way. Steroids are illegal. Go to jail illegal. Prohormones are legal. Not go…

Essential Supplements for Muscle Mass

Mick Madden

Essential Supplements for Muscle Mass. Most supplement claims are no better then the words of a snake oil salesman… –Supplement X is proven to pack on 500% more muscle mass then its competitors! –Just take one pill of Supplement Y…

Nutrition 101, Calorie Basics

LeslieRae Newton

There is a lot of confusion about nutrition out there. I am always asked if I’ve heard about this diet, or that supplement, or been to this website or read that book. The answer varies but one thing stays the…

Bodybuilding Bones To Pick

People often know me for my online rants under my pseudonym Grim83. They view me as angry, or distraught, which I am. But I also do it to get the big points across in a way that you will remember….

Organic – The Other Term the 60’s Coined

LeslieRae Newton

The buzz about organic food is anything but new.  The term organic cultivated in the 1960’s but food free of pesticides, additives and preservatives is the oldest form of food known to man. I grew up relating the term organic…

How Fast Food Ruined The World

Mike Gossett

When was the last time you went anywhere in the continental USA and didn’t have at least one fast food place within 5 minutes of you? They are everywhere. Hell, I swear they have got little stands in the forests…