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Building Muscle with a Vegetarian Diet and Supplements

People become vegetarians for many different reasons, and there are several different types of vegetarians. Although weight training has traditionally been associated with a high-protein, meat-centred diet, an increasing number of weightlifters and bodybuilders have adopted vegetarianism in one form…


Calves – Muscle Building Tips

Suggestions for Building Bigger Calf Muscles Calves can be one of the most frustrating muscle groups to build. It seems that either you were born with genetically monstrous calf muscles, or you have twigs for lower legs and nothing you…


Are You a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Lifter?

The following are general guidelines, and not carved in stone rules. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter? This is a commonly asked question. The reality is this…if you have to ask, then there’s a good chance you are…


A Concise Guide to Doggcrapp Training

To its supporters, Doggcrapp (also known as DC) is the best training system for packing on strength and lean muscle mass. It is the brainchild of Dante Trudel who used the term ‘Doggcrapp’ for this program because it was his…


Bodybuilder Emeka Okammor Bio

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Muscle and Brawn Sponsored athlete. Vital Stats Name: Emeka Okammor E-mail: emekaokammor @ Age: 25 Where: Orlando Height: 6 ft Off-Season Weight: 255 Lbs (Currently 263lbs) Contest Weight: 225 Lbs Years Bodybuilding: 2 Favorite Bodypart: Trapezius, aka traps Favorite…


Muscle Building: Plan Your Meals

I just finished cutting up a few days’ worth of broccoli for this week.  I’ll be steaming this and will probably eat it with baked chicken (I usually bake enough for at least two or three meals when I cook)….


Row, Rows, And Mo’ Rows

The posterior chain is an amazing machine when you think about it. It has been called the “sit of power” (hence the lower portion of the chain i.e. Hamstring, glutes, lower back region), “origin of power” and many other nicknames….