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Health and Bodybuilding: 8 Tips to Help You Look and Feel Good

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(Un)common Sense: Simple Thoughts for Complex People Beauty is Only Skin Deep By: Elliot Reimers If you’re in terra incognita when it comes to the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB), I’ll give you the gist of it – genetic…


Meat And Potatoes Training – An Effective Method Of Designing Your Workouts

This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum. I have trained all my life in some form or fashion and have tried everything, from Cybergenics to EDT. Through experimentation I have found some simple ways to design your training…


Don’t Be A 165 Pound Weakling – A Rally For The Strong

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This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum. I wanted to address something that really gets on my nerves, and is one of the key things I believe in about getting bigger and stronger. I don’t…


Muscle Building Diet Tips

Enjoy this infographic? Click here to discover how you can add up to 35 pounds of pure muscle in the next 12 weeks.


6 Best Protein Shakes For Muscle Building

Proteins form the building blocks of our body. They contain amino acids which help in bulking up the muscular tissues, and are recommended for those who wish to build muscle without fat. If you observe the nutritional habits of bodybuilders,…

Nutritional Tips For Building Muscle

Like this article? Click here to discover how you can add up to 35 pounds of pure muscle in the next 12 weeks. Nutrition is the most important part of the bodybuilding lifestyle, yet the majority of people out there…


Exposing the Bodybuilding Myth: 30g Limit on Protein Per Meal

This article was written by Bruteforce, from the Muscle and Brawn forum. We all know the dogma. “Bro, your body can only handle 30 grams of protein in one sitting. Anything else is just a waste. You gotta eat like…