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CBS News “Investigates” Legal Steroids, Tren

CBS reporter Kelly Cobiella investigates legal steroids, focusing on the prohormone tren. Warning: typical anti-steroid propaganda and rhetoric.

Mike Beaudet’s Report on 6-OXO

Mike Beaudet‘s report on 6-Oxo. We tested two over the counter dietary supplements to see if they contain steroids. They’re called 6-OXO and 6-OXO Extreme. They’re used by athletes including bodybuilders. The lab results show both products contain androstenedione, which…

Max Brawn Social Community for Lifters and Fitness Freaks

Deadlifting Funnies, Fails and Blunders

St. Wilhelm’s, Deadlift 405 x 30

Mighty Brad Castleberry

Mark Dugdale: Beyond Driven