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Mike Mentzer’s HIT Video

Mike Mentzer’s HIT exercise video can now be watched in its entirety.  The 8 clips in this series feature Mike Mentzer training natural bodybuilding Markus Reinhardt.

A Week in the Dungeon with Dorian Yates

A Week In The Dungeon, featuring Dorian Yates and Mark Dugdale is now available for viewing in its entirety. Please click here to watch all nine clips. Here’s a sample clip…

Dennis James Training with Charles Glass

Video of Dennis James training chest with Charles Glass at Gold’s Gym Venice.

Video: A Look Inside Weider

Curious about what it’s like inside the offices of the Weider universe? This Team Andro video provides a great look behind the scenes. Click here to watch the video.

Deadlifting Videos With Commentary, Setup Observations

Watch the lifters as they perform each rep. Overall, the form is good. But watch to see if they sink their shins to the bar before lifting. When you don’t sink your shins down to the bar after each rep,…

Vintage Vince Gironda Posing 1947

Vince Gironda (November 9, 1917 – October 18,1997) was an American professional bodybuilder, author and owner of the celebrity-famous Vince’s Gym. His nickname was the Iron Guru. Training philosophy Gironda is often quoted as saying that bodybuilding is 85% nutrition….

Steve Terano: Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth

Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth “Will eating additional food or protein cause your muscle to get bigger? No.” – Steve Terano. Is Steve Terano’s claim true? No. research states otherwise. According to Genetic Influences on the Response of Body Fat…