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Fitness Athlete Skye Fisher’s Odyssey Continues

Ralfe Sean

After placing 6th in her Fitness Class at the 2009 Arnold Amateur Fitness and 4th in the Fitness Short Class at the 2009 NPC Junior Nationals Championships during June in Chicago, Skye Fisher decided her year was just not complete….

A Look at Whey Protein

I have to admit, I love cheese. Always have. I blame it on my mom. When I got older though, I found something else that I really love; whey protein. It just so happens that whey protein is a byproduct…

Huge Shawn Ray Gallery

Huge Shawn Ray Gallery.

Huge Steve Reeves Gallery

Steve Reeves Gallery.

Instable Surface Training: A Slippery Slope?

Anthony Roberts

Over the past few years, most large-chain gyms have begun purchasing various implements that were once seen only in rehabilitation programs. Bosa balls (a half ball with a solid plastic top), stability (or “swiss”) balls, wobble-boards, and the like can…

A Call Out to All Lifters to Fill the Raw Unity Roster

A note from Eric Talmant of Raw Unity Powerlifting, received 11/04/2009: Hello Everyone. I am writing to say that we have 5 spots available in the female division, 6 spots available in the heavyweight division, and 8 spots available in…

Research on Chains, Viagra, Supervised Training, and More

Anthony Roberts

Supervised Exercise Yields Better Results The results are in: people who workout with supervision get better results. A group of researchers in the Netherlands recently concluded in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness that” Stimulation of physical activity…