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Watch What You Drink

A recent study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that drinking fewer calorie-filled beverages resulted in weight loss. I know, I know…this sounds obvious. But here’s the catch…a reduction in liquid calories had a…

A Week in the Dungeon with Dorian Yates

A Week In The Dungeon, featuring Dorian Yates and Mark Dugdale is now available for viewing in its entirety. Please click here to watch all nine clips. Here’s a sample clip…

Major Distractions Gallery

Muscular Development has revealed it’s Major Distractions gallery. Wondering what kind of images the gallery contains? Well, you’re just going to have to take a peak. I’ve attached an image to peak your curiosity.

Layne Norton Unleashes New DVD

Layne Norton has just released a new DVD, Layne Norton, the Natural…Unleashed. In the gym, you’ll see Layne and his unique power/hypertrophy workout. Out of the gym, you’ll get Layne’s view on nutrition and supplementation. Click here for more info…

Deadlifting Setup Commentary, Video, Part 2

Again, we come back to the issue of deadlift setup. While the lifters strength is undeniable, watch his form and concentration slip after the first rep. The lifter does an excellent job setting up on the first rep. he sinks… Fitness Expo Only 2 Days Away

The Fitness Expo, being held in Boise, Idaho, is only 2 days away. The expo kicks off on April 3rd. Lifters scheduled to make an appearance include Branch Warren and Toney Freeman.

Dorian Yates in India

Recent pictures of Dorian Yates taken in India. Dorian is looking small, but fit.