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Armand Tanny Dead at Age 90

Another member of the Muscle Beach crew has passed away. Armand Tanny is dead at the age of 90. Armand was born in 1919 in Rochester, New York. Tanny was a prodigy, appearing in muscle magazines at the young age…

Research Chemist Christian Navoy Gets 27 Months in Jail

Christian Navoy, owner of the website Resear, was just sentenced to 27 months in prison on charges related to selling research chemicals online. Christian’s assets were also seized, and he was ordered to forfeit $2 million dollars. The charge?…

Steroid Poisoning Rates Soaring in UK

Steroid poisoning rates are soaring in the UK. 2,500 individuals were treated last year alone. It is legal to possess steroids in the UK, but they can’t be supplied without a prescription. The total increase in steroid related hospital visits…

2009 Natural Ohio Bodybuilding and Figure Championship Results

Official results from the 2009 Natural Ohio Bodybuilding and Figure Championships held on April 4th, 2009. Men Overall Winner. Luric Edison Heavyweight Winner. Joey Walter Light heavyweight Winner. Luric Edison Middleweight Winner. Vernon Williams Welterweight Winner. Chris Lawrence Lightweight Winner….

Training at Metro Flex Gym

Video of Dror Erez, Matt Drahos, and Kevin Ofurum training at Metro Flex Gym. Click here to view.

Mike Mentzer’s HIT Video

Mike Mentzer’s HIT exercise video can now be watched in its entirety.  The 8 clips in this series feature Mike Mentzer training natural bodybuilding Markus Reinhardt.

24 Years: Vinny Galanti’s Long Road to the Pros

This week, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly will feature Vinny Galanti, and his long 24 year journey to the pros. Tune in Monday night @ 8 ET. Click here for more info. Vinny Galanti started training in 1983 when his dad brought…