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The Fix is In: Manion and Manion Corruption?

The fix is in. Anthony Roberts is reporting on the story of father Jim Manion, and son J.M. Manion, and their curious relationship with the sport of bodybuilding.

Father Jim Manion is an IFBB and NPC chairperson and head judge. Bottom line: he… Read more

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Denise Milani Gallery

Denise Milani gallery. Denise Milani is a Czech model known for her large natural features. Denise is currently one of the most successful Internet models, and has maintained a website since 2007. She moved from the Czech Republic to Los Angeles,… Read more

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Muscle Mayhem Deleting IFBB/NPC Cover Up Threads

Yesterday, Muscle and Brawn began receiving visitors to the IFBB/NPC cover up stories via a Muscle Mayhem forum link. After a short while, the thread was deleted. A poster by the name of “noflyzone” posted the story again, asking… Read more

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Catalina Cruz Gallery

Catalina Cruz gallery. Catalina Cruz began acting and modeling in 2000 under the name of JennaZ. She was born in Cleveland in 1979, and calls herself a fitness model who has gone wild. Catalina has appeared in MuscleMag International and American… Read more

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The Lee Thompson, NPC/IFBB Cover Up Continues: Sexual Harassment

The IFBB and NPC’s attempt to squelch damaging information on the Internet continues. Anthony Roberts is reporting that Lee Thompson, the NPC chairperson in Texas who was federally indicted on steroid-related charges, may also be… Read more

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Ashley Lawrence Gallery


Ashley Lawrence gallery. Ashley Lawrence is a bikini and fitness model. She began modeling after winning a local Hawaiian Tropic contest. Ashely has worked with Ironman, Met-RX, and more. She enjoys, Wild clothes, funky high heels, sexyRead more

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High Volume Training

High Volume Training. What is high volume training?

High volume training is a style of bodybuilding training that involves working out for extended periods of time, performing a high number of sets, or both. Generally, a high volume workout… Read more

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