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1969 Mr. Olympia Results

The 1969 Mr. Olympia contest was a memorable showdown. Sergio Oliva managed to take home his third straight title, defeating a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.


1969 Mr. Olympia Contest Results

Place    Name
1 Sergio Oliva
2 Arnold Schwarzenegger… Read more

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1968 Mr. Olympia Results

In 1968, Sergio Oliva took his second straight crown, this time winning unopposed. Sergio stood upon the Olympia stage by himself, and dispite not having competition to defeat, wowed the crowd. The Myth took hope $1000 for his victory.


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1967 Mr. Olympia Results

The 1967 Mr. Olympia saw Sergio The Myth Oliva rise to the pinnacle of the sport. Chuck Sipes moved up a spot over his 3rd place finish in 1966, and Dave The Blonde Bomber Draper finished 4th.


1967 Mr. Olympia Contest Results

Place Name
1 Sergio … Read more

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1966 Mr. Olympia Results

In the 1966 Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott took home the crown once again, defeating Harold Poole and Chuck Sipes. Future Mr. Olympia, Sergio Oliva finished 4th in the contest.


1966 Mr. Olympia Contest Results

Place Name
1 Larry Scott
2 Harold Poole… Read more

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1965 Mr. Olympia Results

1965 was the year of the first Mr. Olympia. Larry Scott, who had a long string of first place victories prior to the contest, became the first Mr. Olympia by defeating Harold Poole and Earl Maynard.


1965 Mr. Olympia Contest Results

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Cory Everson Wallpaper

Cory Everson Wallpaper





PLEASE NOTE: You are free to distribute Muscle and Brawn’s wallpaper collection, as long as you do not remove “,” or alter it in any other way.… Read more

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Alexa Weix Gallery

Alexa Weix Gallery. Alexa Weix is a 28 year old Hungarian born actress and model. Alexa has brown eyes, blonde hair. She is 5’6″, and weighs 110 pounds.

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