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Troy Alves 4 Weeks Out from Europa Pro

Troy Alves 4 Weeks Out from Europa Pro.

2010 Tampa Pro: Tim Gardner asking for Donations to Save Women’s Event

Tim Gardner is asking for donations to help save the women’s event at the 2010 Tampa Pro. The women had to be dropped from the 2009 ticket, due to lack of sponsorship. To donate, please contact Tim via the information…

2009 New York Pro: Dennis James is In

Dennis James is healthy, and ready to jump up on stage for the New York Pro. Dennis came down with bronchitis prior to the Arnold, and recently missed the Australian Pro. “Now that I’m recovered from my bout with bronchitis,”…

Prejudging Images from the 2009 Arnold Classic

Isaac Hinds photo gallery from prejudging at the 2009 Arnold Classic. Photos include Ronny Rockel, Kai Green, Victor Martinez, Silvio Samuel, Branch Warren and more.

Arnold Expo Photo Gallery

Didn’t make the trip to Columbus for the Arnold Classic Expo? No problem. We have some babes, and – of course – some muscle mass for you. Here are a couple of galleries for your viewing pleasure. Set 1. Set…