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The Day I Learned To Deadlift by Chris Duffin

My goal is to begin sharing my story and provide inspiration or motivation for people to chase their dreams despite adversity. With how the modern society and the media have gutted and bastardized the concept of manhood I want to…


Profile of 1959 Mr. Universe, Bodybuilder Bruce Randall

Bodybuilder Bruce Randall is a little known name in the history of the iron game. Most of you have probably never heard of him. After this article, most of you will never forget Bruce. Why you ask? Bruce Randall made…


Get Big: A Review Of Jonathan Byrd’s “Big” Workout System

This article was written by MikeM from the Muscle and Brawn Forum. Big is a 10-12 week strength and size program designed by Jonathan Byrd, a nationally ranked powerlifter, that I have used for the past three months and I…


Cube Method For Strongman Review

This review is by Jwood from the Muscle and Brawn Forum. The Cube Method for Strongman is a training manual written by multiple World’s Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen. The book lays out the workout program, including conditioning days. This…


2010 Transformation Contest Winners

The 2010 Muscle and Brawn bulking and cutting transformation contest winners have been announced! In 2010, Muscle and Brawn featured it’s first forum-based transformation contest. Contestants ran a log in the training logs sub-forum, and were required to post before…

Review of USP Labs – Jack3d

Daniel Aipa

I enjoy a good pre-workout supplement.  I like the focus, energy, stamina and pump that all pre-workout supplements promise.  I came across USP Labs’ Jack3d  by curiosity. I never heard of the supplement until it came up as a special…

Review of Muscle Milk – Collegiate Style

Daniel Aipa

During my time as an assistant strength coach at a small division III institution, I was able to get a contract with a Cytosport Distributor to supply our school’s hospitality services with Muscle Milk Collegiate since it is NCAA approved….