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Powerlifter Burley Hawk from Westside Barbell Talks to MAB


Burley, can you give us a little background. What’s your age and when did you start lifting?

I just turned 25. I started lifting weights when I was around 14, started powerlifting about two years ago, and started competing May of this year.… Read more

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Training Frequency and Muscle Building: Huge Gainer Round Table #1


This is the first addition of out expert “Huge Gainer” round table series. Our panel includes:

  • Mark Lobliner – Marc is currently MTS Nutrition CEO, EthiTech Nutrition CEO, Wilkins Fitness Commercial Vertical
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Interview with Squat Monster Joe Norman


Please check out these great books by Joe Norman:

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Powerlifter Rob Palmer Interview


Faheem Chauhan (Fazc) interviews Powerlifter Rob Palmer for Muscle and Brawn.

FC: Rob thanks for doing this interview with us. Let’s take this from the start; from what I understand you’ve been Powerlifting for a relatively … Read more

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Interview With Pro Strongman Ryan Bracewell


First off, give the readers a bit of history about yourself.

I’m married, working on kids right now. I own Nutrition Depot and The Asylum Gym, both located in Kingwood, Texas.

How did you get into strongman?

Like many people I watched World’s… Read more

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Ernest Beath Talks To Silverback Barbell


I want to introduce you all to a good buddy of mine and a powerhouse in the strength world. A true visionary and all around good guy, Ernest Beath, or Big E as I have grown to call him.

Whats even more funny is this guy can overhead press what most guys… Read more

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Brandy McGowan Talks With WNBF Pro Rich Knapp


Rich Knapp. First I would like to thank you for doing this interview. You are the first female natural wheelchair bodybuilder I have interviewed.

Let’s start with some background information to give readers a background on what created … Read more

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